Corry Green is a loving husband and devoted father of two children, Zachery and Corey. Corry learned at an early age that there was something different about him. He is a firm believer in Christ Jesus and he knows to whom he belongs. Corry also believes that your body is the church, the building that people frequent is just that; a building. He is a strong believer and doer of the people around him and in his community. Corry spends most of his time sharing his story with others and getting people to believe in the God of another chance. He is constantly telling people that you don’t have to be perfect to be a child of God, you just have to know Him (God), love, have faith, and believe in the One that makes it all possible.


Corry has had the privilege of traveling to several different countries in his life and seeing different things; and because of that he has a powerful testimony for the young men that he encounters, who may need a push or some direction in their life. Corry believes that God puts him in situations so his light will shine.

One of his favorite sayings is, “Remember people are who they are, and not what you want them to be because I don’t have a heaven or hell to send them to.” This allows Corry to be able to accept people for whom they are and let people be themselves around him. Corry always has a friendly smile, a nice word, and an open ear for everyone he meets. The message he always wants to get across is, “You are SAVED by Grace through Faith PERIOD NOT COMMA.”

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