Brother Rodney La Verne Cox is the Vice-President of Grace Plus Nothing International Ministries Inc. He has been with the ministry supporting Apostle Monds from the very start, so he has seen not only the ministry grow; but Apostle Monds grow spiritually also. Brother Cox has been married to the lovely Betty McCormick Cox since 1989; they have two beautiful daughters; Shaquoya Cox Troy and Shantell Cox. He is also the grandfather to two handsome grandsons, and an uncle to numerous nieces and nephews to whom they view as a father figure.

rodneyBrother Cox brings a uniqueness to the ministry, because of his uncanny ability to relate to people on whatever level they’re on. His bubbly smile and comedic demeanor can break the ice with even the most hardiness of hearts. Over the years, Brother Cox has shown and proved that he has vital place in the Kingdom of God, because people are hurting for the Love of God; and Rodney has exemplified that Love towards others! When people are in need in the community, they always call on Rodney.

Brother Cox heads up the “Man Moment” ministry of Grace Plus Nothing International Ministries. This ministry was actually birth in 2000 when Apostle Monds was enduring some turbulent times in his life, and true to his word; Rodney was there til the end. Rodney has shown time and time again that he is a man of his word, and in this day and time, people need to know it.  Rodney’s favorite scripture is John 3:19, and what a fitting scripture it is; because as Rodney always says, “if you don’t want to know the truth…don’t ask me”. What an honor it is to have such an honest, faithful, genuine Man of God on board with a ministry that has been called to combat principalities in such a time as this.

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