Cheering corner

Hello to all who may read this.  This blog is geared more towards the aspect of encouraging you, no matter where you are in life.  Oftentimes, we feel as though we are insignificant, or are not worthy of having what God has promised us in His word.  Allow me to submit to you that you are not only worthy, but you have been given divine authority to posses the very thing you have been led to believe you don’t deserve.  Please do not allow your psyche to dictate to you negativity, that your spirit has told you that you are.

The bible states in Matthew 11:12 “ that from the days of John the Baptist until now, the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, but the violence take it by force”.  Now is the time for you to go and take what is rightfully yours, but you have to first overcome the mental thoughts of negativity in your mind; because believe it or not, that’s where a majority of ones defeat occurs.  My cheer for you on this day is for you to repeat to yourself, “I am the righteousness of God, through Christ Jesus”.  The reason I want you to say that is, because when you know who you are, you’ll understand and believe you can go and take what the kingdom of darkness has stolen from you.  So go ahead…take it by Force!