About Grace Plus Nothing Ministries, Inc.

Grace Plus Nothing Radio Ministries Incorporated is an out of the box ministry, which God has called to the forefront in a time where people are yearning for the sincere word of God. The purpose of this ministry is to tear down the walls of man made religion and tradition that has kept the believer in bondage, and to bring the believer into the light of the true and living God. We believe God has a purpose for everyone, our goal is to instill into people that no matter what walk of life you come from or what you are currently dealing with, God loves you and the purpose He has for you has not changed!

We understand when a ministry has a mandate such as ours, it will cause you to be a social outcast from the organized church, we also understand God has not called us to be conformist, but to be barrier breakers.

Anytime when you are breaking down barriers that have hindered Gods people to the point where complacency is normal, the task is for those who will ENDURE to the end, no matter what the cost. The challenge is infiltrating the mindset of man where religion and tradition has set in. Once this is accomplished, the scales will fall from their eyes and the shackles will be broken.

The bible says in Matthew 11:12

“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.”

God is looking for those who are willing and obedient to His word so that we can go and posses everything He has promised. Grace Plus Nothing Ministries does this and other various tasks given to us by God through faith. We have various outreach ministries such as the Original Leaders of Destiny, Future PathWalkers, Man Moment, Feeding the Homeless, and partnering with the Cumberland county adoption department; with their back to school drive.

This is just the beginning of what God is doing and what He will yet do through Grace Plus Nothing Ministries.

GPN Board

Our sincere hearts desire is to be a blessing; this is why we believe outreach ministries are so vitally important. We have been churched enough, now is the time to be about God’s business and GO! Man made religion and tradition will not allow a person to go, it’ll only cause you to be fearful and become stagnated. Living waters are moving waters; this is who we are …

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