Dinecus S. Evans

To Whom All Have A Ear Let Them Hear,
I am a Follower of Jesus Christ First and Foremost. I would Like to give the Highest Praise to GOD, Himself and I am also thankful for the Holy Spirit that was sent to Comfort Me. I have come to know Grace Plus Nothing Ministries Leader Apostle Anthony Monds, through a common entity Pastor Felton Smith. He spoke of The Ministry and I was interested, in being more strengthened by one of GOD’s choosen vessels. Since following His Sunday morning show, I have since followed his afternoon show as well. This ministry has truly been a blessing to myself and my family as well. No matter if we are on the road or resting we listen to the show. I have learned how to Stand Strong and Pray more after listening to the various sermons used to be Applicable in my life.

I learned a new way to serve The Lord, and that is with a Pure Heart and Willing Soul. His shows always seems to minister my situation and GOD knows that was a blessing. I Pray that someone reading this┬átestimony grab hold to GOD’s unchanging Hand and Never Let Go. If you are lost and need a friend, try Jesus, He will be your friend to the end. For Jesus delievered the Promise, GOD has granted the Power, the Holy Spirit will be their to Guide You and I pray that you have been Blessed.

Ms.Dinecus S. Evans

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