Evangelist Adams was born in rural NC, the youngest of three boys, raised by hard working parents. They were Sabbath Keepers in the lineage of Herbert W. Armstrong. Evangelist Adams had a deep sense of self-discipline, and a deep desire to please the Lord, though he did not believe at that time he was a born-again disciple of Jesus Christ.

At about twenty years of age he had a desire to know truth that led him from Deism, to Agnosticism to a belief in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Also, during this time he was adventuring on a path as a competitive fighter. Evangelist Adams had a successful run as a fighter, winning several amateur titles, including the US East Coast Championships. During this time he devoted his life to Christ, and put his desire to be a fighter aside as he felt this sport was competing for a place in his heart with Christ, it was an idol that needed to be torn down.

As an adrenaline “junkie”, he spent some time as a Professional Fire-fighter and eventually a Deputy Sheriff. However, the Lord was calling him to put away selfish ambitions, and seek Him (God). In 2012, he graduated with a BS Degree in Religion from Liberty University. His personal theology consists of several aspects of Christ, that he has experienced throughout his life; he considers himself a Conservative Gentile Messianic follower of Christ. Though he is a Sabbath Keeper, he believes our salvation rest alone on the grace of Jesus Christ!

Today he is married to a wonderful wife, and they have a teen daughter and son. Robbie has a calling as an Evangelist/Teacher. Robbie’s family is actively involved in Youth Ministry, and Evangelism Ministry as well. Evangelist Adams specifically has a call to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ directly to the streets led by the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit, making His (God’s) name known every day, from person to person.