Jill M. Maynor is the secretary of Grace Plus Nothing International Ministries Inc. She has been graced to be the mother of three beautiful children, one son Eric, and two beautiful daughters Makayla and Priya. Jill believes whole-heartily in education, she holds a criminal justice degree and is currently expanding upon the advancement of that degree as well. She believes that she is to be the role model in her home, because her kids should see the example of a godly woman in their own home first.

Growing up in a large family that consisted of eight girls and four boys; Jill always felt the sense of not fitting in, not because she wasn’t love, but because she did not know nor understand the call on her life. She felt lost growing up because she had no idea that God had placed something so vital in her; thus she turned to the world seeking answers and consoling, but the world did not have the answers she so desperately was seeking! One day she decided to surrender all to God and that’s when the Hand of the Lord began to shift things her life.

As she began to seek God for herself, He (God) led her to the career change she has now. She believes that she is called to be a helper in some capacity, and being in the judicial field is her way of helping those who may not be able to help themselves. Jill understands what its like to need help but not having one to help take on the burden of carrying the issues of life with you; so this has made her more compassionate for those who are in adverse situations. The scripture from Psalm 18:1-3 is fitting concerning Jill’s life because it gives her the sense of security that she was longing for. Jill’s favorite saying is “this to shall pass”, thus confirming her faith in God!

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