Becoming a Covenant Partner with Grace Plus Nothing Ministries is not just an outward showing, but also a spiritual connection that entails a variety of endeavors. It is a continuing journey where the individual is committed to accomplishing all that God has commissioned this ministry to do. A Covenant Partner is one who believes in co-laboring with others who has chose to give too a common cause in advancing His (God’s) Word.

These endeavors are challenging, but impactful; and it takes all who choose to give too do it faithfully. These monies are used in areas where it is needed most, like keeping our weekly broadcast on the air; where it impacts thousands of lives. Covenant Partnership also helps feed the hungry, cloth the needy, buy school supplies for adopted/foster children, and help other outreaches as well. By partnering with this ministry, you have chose to pray for those who are at the forefront of this ministry; so that we can have a lasting effect for the Kingdom of God!

All of this is done by you aligning yourself with Grace Plus Nothing Ministries, Inc by simply choosing to give a minimum of $10.00 a month. Everything this ministry does, is done by those who give freely; and who are obedient to His voice. Becoming a Covenant Partner allows Grace Plus Nothing Ministries to go further into what God has predestine for us to do. All Partners are entitled to any event that Grace Plus Nothing Ministries have, and any memorabilia we offer to our Partners as well. Also all Covenant Partners are treated to an annual Partner’s dinner, where everyone can fellowship and see who’s co-laboring with you in the ministry.

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