Reverend S.L. Raines

raines1 Corinthians 15:58 teaches us to be steadfast in the work of the Lord and sure of our labor, Grace Plus Nothing Ministries, Inc., this is my message to you!  I am grateful to the Ministry and to Apostle Anthony Monds for being instrumental in helping take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world!  Thank you for blessing me such an opportunity to share my voice with many that I may not have otherwise been able to reach.  I have been tremendously blessed by the radio broadcast, the networking and the overall blessing of friendship and Kingdom connection.  It was once prophesied, “man of God, you will go to the nations!  You are dedicated and faithful and it’s those attributes that will open doors for you.”  I see those words of prophecy coming to pass and I bless God with glory and honor but also with continued dedication, diligence and obedience to Him.  Again, God bless you!

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