Shani Speaks Now

shaniApostle Monds of Grace Plus Nothing Ministries, had been an amazing source of encouragement of me via social media for a few a few years on Twitter. I didn’t know who he was, or who the ministry was at the time, but my verses or positive messages were always being “retweeted” and a word of encouragement would always follow. It was a blessing to know, that at the time, someone I had never met felt positively about what I was doing and encouraged me to move forward in it! Fast forward to a few years later…And Apostle Monds contacted me to be on his Barrier Breakers Radio Show to talk about a subject I love; Youth and enhancing the lives of young people! It was a blessing, as it was one of my first full length radio interviews and he was refreshing to speak with, as he has a truly pure heart for touching the lives of others. Since our interview, God has continued to allow doors to open for me and I was able to start my own LLC; ShaniSpeaksNow, LLC to pursue more opportunities to speak, host events and be a media correspondent. One of my inspirations in doing so, was my interview with Apostle Monds and realizing that others see the purpose the Lord has for my life, and to “break any barriers” I may have had that would prevent me from pursuing my purpose passionately. Thank you to GPN Ministries, and especially Apostle Monds, for the lives you change daily with your positive programming and messages over the air waves and beyond! May your ministry continue to be blessed and grow tremendously! – Shani

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